Aug 222012

You should exercise care in choosing the right design resolution for an experiment with suitable factors, levels, and responses. The correct design resolution can reveal the precise combination of factors that will optimize the response. These combinations will be tested, validated, and ultimately implemented to effect the desired process improvements or responses. Design resolution III, IV and V are listed below.

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Aug 062012

Andy is a wirebond engineer in the sensor development division in Corhall Semiconductor Inc. He receives some Au wire samples from 2 different wire suppliers and planning to evaluate these samples using the 2 different types of wirebonder they have in the production floor. The development manager specifically requested that he focus on the Force and Contact Velocity (CV) parameters which might affect the Intermetallic(IMC) percentage. Target is to maximize the IMC coverage with a minimum of 65%.

Factorial Design

For this exercise, we will use JMP. Putting all the factors and response together, we should be able to design a 2-level full factorial design of experiment (DOE). Table below shows a 2-level factorial design of 4 factors with a total of 16 runs. Response is the %Intermetallic. Continue reading »